70 Years of the Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews

On April 25th, 2013 in " Science Council " hall of the University of National and World Economy was held a discussion meeting on the topic: " 70 Years of the Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews." The event was attended by a number of specialists like Mrs. Vanya Gezenko, consultant on historical issues, and the team of "The Ungiven" movie.  Dr. Plamen Ralchev , an expert in international PR, Petar Konstantinov , a political scientist and analyst in "Dnevnik " and Yavor Kirilov , author of the book written on the occasion of 70 years since the death of King Boris III. The youth audience had the opportunity to hear different accents on the topic related to the rescue of Bulgarian Jews. The meeting began with a presentation of the role of monarchical line of the rescue and continued with a presentation by Dr. Plamen Raltchev . In it, he highlighted the way in which this event changed the vision of Bulgaria in international environments. The meeting was attended by students from various universities participated actively expressing views on the problem and presented their viewpoints.  

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