IRRSA members in Bucharest!

IMG_20150221_102224From February 21st  to March 1st , five IRRSA members participated in a youth exchange under the Erasmus + Programme, titled "Common Heritage, Common Future". Organizers of the project were young people from Asociatia Young Initiative, who gathered in Bucharest 30 young people from six countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Lithuania and Sweden). For a week they discussed what“European identity”means, what values ​​it is based on, how it is perceived in each of these countries, which are the most important events in the history of the Union etc.   11045310_10152648095181434_3021324605392431411_nParticipants had the opportunity to take on the roles of MEPs in a simulation of an European Parliament session. They also met with Mr. Victor Bostinaru, a Romanian representative in the EP and together with him the participants discussed the main challenges EU is facing at the moment.     Among the activities was the so called: "Treasure hunt", in which groups of 5-6 people from different countries had to discover some of the most famous monuments in Bucharest. Also they had to spread the idea of ​​the project among the Romanian citizens. 11002616_10205144733212122_298325500411737611_n 11043188_10152648182626434_532688698548380238_n The initiative ended with an exhibition, for which the participants were again divided in several teams (video team, photo team, drawing team etc.). Every team had to present in an interesting way their idea of ​​the European identity. The exhibition will take place in one of the libraries in Bucharest for a month. 10997799_10152648065186434_6515897841857575566_n 11033188_10152648065426434_4932798261135625361_n

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