Spring cleaning in Studentski grad

Почистване1On the 26-th of April representatives of IRRSA took part in the initiative „Spring cleaning in Studentski grad“. The initiative is part of the campaigns „Da izchistim Balgaria za edin den“(Let’s clean Bulgaria for a day) and „World cleanup“.The implementation of the campaign was accomplished due to the wish of many volunteers, amongst whom members of the IRRSA, and Students council in UNWE, to live in a cleaner state. All the volunteers were equipped with T-shirts, gloves, sacks and everything needed for the cleanup of the region. At the end of the day the regions of the UNWE and the „Bonsist“, as well as the area round the students’ community, took a whole different view. The IRRSA crew happily contributed to the initiative and appealed on the continuation of such campaigns and the wish to live in a cleaner and more beautiful Bulgaria.почистване

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