The Protocol: The Art of Communication

IRRSA organized a discussion on "diplomatic etiquette and protocol" in cooperation with the Bulgarian Diplomatic Society. The meeting was held on 10th of May and guest lecturer was Anatoly Paziiski, former head of the "Internal Protocol and Ceremonial" in the Administration of President Georgi Parvanov. Paziiski is a well known lecturer, teacher and author of the diplomatic and practical etiquette, protocol and rules for behavior in society. In the beginning Paziiski told the assembled students about the nature of the Protocol setting as its main contentfor better communication between people. According to the expert report many things in life change over the centuries, but the best form of communication is something permanent and remains unaffected. The protocol, described as a set of rules that apply in certain circumstances, is actually built on respect, good communication and continuous accumulation of knowledge that is the true meaning of life, says Paziiski. The lecturer made ​​a historical overview on the development of the protocol knowledge, giving interesting examples of knights and medieval times. It is in the royal courts from which are born many of today's protocol rules, and they kept very strict and had a weight of law. After tracing the stages in the development of the protocol Paziiski gave students tips on communication , and guidance in choosing an appropriate gift . According to the former head of the department " Internal Protocol " in the Presidency exchanging gifts play a crucial role in communication between people . Even when it comes to relationships at the highest level , gifts may carry different messages and they should be selected carefully. In any case, the gift should be one that brings joy to both parties , categorically is Paziiski .   The meeting ended with a few questions from students to Anatoly Paziiski, who welcomed the interest with joy and said that it is very nice to be back at the university, where he graduated. The former graduate of National and World Economy finished the meeting with useful advice to students to show respect for the people they communicate with, because this is the first and the main step to good communication.

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