Lecture of the Japanese ambassador in Bulgaria Takashi Koizumi

On April 12, 2016 was organized a public lecture with the Ambassador of Japan in Bulgaria HE Takashi Koizumi. It was organized by the Student Association for the Study of International Relations (IRRSA) in one of the halls of the University of National and World Economy. The lecture covered issues related to the economic situation and development of Japan, as well as bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Japan and was attended by Assoc. Prof. Igor Damyanov, Dean of the Faculty "International Economics and Politics" and Assoc. Prof. Plamen Ralchev, deputy head of the Department of "International relations". Japanese Ambassador expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to speak to the academic community in one of the best economic universities in Bulgaria and efforts by IRRSA to be done event. He outlined the theme of his lecture: State of the Japanese economy and bilateral economic relations with Bulgaria, covering interesting issues and intentions of Japan in the future plan. HE Mr. Takashi Koizumi presented the economic performance of Japan, which ranks third in the world in GDP after the US and China. He reviewed the development of the Japanese economy since the so-called. "Japanese miracle" during the "bubble" and the recession after him, to growing Asian connection and new economic program known as "Abenomiks." This program, called "strategy of three arrows" is based on three main pillars: bold monetary policy, fiscal policy and flexible growth strategy in order to stimulate private investment, said the ambassador. According to him, this includes measures to keep inflation to 2 percent, adjusting the yen downwards breaks for businesses and more public investment. Even with the launch of "Abenomiks" the economy and financial markets reacted positively, shares began to rise, stopped the drop in exports, consumption and restored a sign to revive the economy, he said HE Takashi Koizumi. He expressed his hopes for broad agreement and the signing of an agreement between Japan and the EU, for which negotiations began in 2015 and continues today.   The ambassador said bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Japan, which each opened their diplomatic missions in 1939. With concrete examples he stopped Japanese investments in the country, the prospects for cooperation in the field of SMEs, the training of our professionals and work Japanese experts in our country.   "When it comes to Japanese and Japanese companies should pay attention to the fact that they tend to build trust step by step, even if it takes a long time. The most important thing for business development is a stable and credible business environment "stressed the ambassador and gave as advice on business and build relations of mutual trust.   In an address to students Ambassador said it was possible audience to present people who will continue to create and develop business relations with Japan and noted that youth studying in Bulgaria is very important to study and promote economic relations between Bulgaria and rest of the world in the future.   The public lecture concluded the President of the Student Association for the Study of International Relations, Boyan Stavrev that HE awards Mr. Takashi Koizumi certificate in gratitude for a public lecture.

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