So Media, So Europe

prague2Representatives of IRRSA took part in Youth in Action project. The host was the Czech organization Together. The subject which was discussed by the young people from Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland and Estonia between 3-11th of September was “So Media, So Europe”. The participants talked about the different types of media: TV, radio, newspaper and social media. Free media and media manipulation were pointed as a problem topic in the society. PragueThe seven day program included non-formal educational methods. During the organized trip to Prague the participants enjoyed sightseeing of the city and also they got to know the work of the Czech Radio 1. One of the tasks that participants had during the project was organizing election campaign. They were divided in two groups which had to send out their candidates and to present them in the best way using different methods. To remember the good moments from the project the organizers shot a video.

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