(Български) Покана за Годишно Общо събрание на САИМО

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(Български) Посещение в Народното събрание

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(Български) Визита на Външно министерство

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The Bulgarian and European point of view: The Macedonian Referendum

On October the 11th, the International Research Student Association attended the event: “”The Bulgarian and European Viewpoint: The Macedonian Referendum.”.On the idea of ​​Vasil Georgiev and Alexander Kiossev, first-degree colleagues were invited to receive up-to-date information about what is happening in Macedonia. The event was organized by the European Council for Foreign Policy (ESF) with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. It was divided into two panels, and interesting guests were invited: Andrea Stoykovski, member of the negotiating team with the EU, Skopje; Peter Bogoyesky, former Deputy Secretary General of VMRO-DPMNE; Rosen Plevniev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria (2012-2017); Ognian Minchev, Institute for Regional and International Studies and others.
The discussion was divided into two panels as in the first, with representatives from Macedonia taking part. The first-person situation in our neighbour was presented in the form of a debate in which Andrea Stoykovski and Peter Bogoyesky showed what are the alternatives to Macedonia. The interesting thing in the first panel was the end of the debate – both politicians said they were supporting Macedonia on its way to the EU.The second part was devoted to Bulgaria’s position on the ongoing referendum in Macedonia, in which Bulgaria said that our neighbour has our full support. The importance of the Friendship, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia was highlighted as an important factor, leaving the enmities in the past and as a step forward towards the common future.

(Български) ACTO “Active tools for the implementation of youth”

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(Български) Годишно общо събрание

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Spring Ball of the Department of International Relations 2018

For an eighteenth consecutive year, the International Relations Research Student Association(IRRSA) organizes the Spring Ball of the Department of International Relations and celebrated the 19th anniversary of the organization. Some of the guests who were invited were students from the courses European studies, International Relations and Political Science.

Our fellow students, had the opportunity to meet in a more informal setting some of our professors, representatives of the diplomatic and political elite, friends and partners.

The event program included dance performances as well as the annual award ceremony for the best students throughout the year.

For the realization of this event, we have to give out our sincere gratitude to our sponsors who are the Student Council at UNWE, who have always supported us, organic food store “Joy Day”, confectioneries “Bordo”,  “Oshte Net Ltd.”, law firm “Nestori-Ugliarov-Milchev” and “Sutherland”.

Тraining with Debate Club UNWE “Stefan Stambolov”

“Basics of argumentation” was the topic of the educational meeting that took part on the 20th of March, 2018 in the University of National and World Economy. The International Relations Research Student Association invited the Debates Club UNWE “Stefan Stambolov”, who have accumulated vast experience on the topic throughout the years. The participants had the opportunity to learn more about the whole framework of the debates: how to defend their thesis, how to be the most sufficient listeners and how to discuss properly. The colleagues put emphasis on how important non-verbal communication is, especially in the field of diplomacy – how you talk, how you wave your hands, your posture. At the end of the meeting, in order to solidify the newly acquired knowledge – we played a game.

The Youth roundtable “The Balkans in 21st century – the Bulgarian point of view”

On the 15th March, 2018 the International Relations Research Student Association (IRRSA) and the Students Diplomatic Club (SDC), accompanied by the Institute for Economics and International Relations (IEIR), the National Association for International Relations (NAIR) and the Bulgarian Diplomatic Society (BDS) held together for the sixth year in a row the Youth round table “The Balkans in 21st century – the Bulgarian point of view”. The participants presented comprehensively and well-groundedly their opinion for the processes in world politics, their Balkan versions and Bulgarian Presidency of the European Council. In the end of the conference the participants were awarded with certificates, in addition the three winners were given diplomas, as well.

(Български) Покана за Общо събрание 2018 г.

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