The refugees in Bulgaria and the resposibility of our generation

САИМО в Брюксел On 9th and 10th April a group of students visited the European Parliament in Brussels. The students were invited by the Bulgarian MP Marusya Lubcheva in connection with the project ‘The refugees in Bulgaria and today’s generation responsibility’. Six of the participants were members of the International Relations Research Students Association. САИМО в Брюксел 2On the first day the students visited the Bulgarian representation in Brussels. They were divided into five groups. Each of them had to prepare collectively a report on a specific topic such as ‘International dimensions of the Syrian refugees problem’, ‘Evaluation of the refugee issue in Bulgaria’ etc. The presentations were followed by meeting with Svetlozara Kabakchieva who is a member of Kristalina Georgieva’s cabinet in the European Commission. During the visit of the European Parliament the sixteen participants had a meeting with Ana Gomes, group coordinator of the ‘Socialists and democrats’ in the Commission of Foreign Affairs, Antony Prus,  representative of the ‘Internal affairs’ and ‘Migration and asylum’ directorate, and Luka Di Presso from the ‘Foreign Affairs’ Commission secretariat.DSCN1043 During the second day the students discussed the refugee situation with a representative of the ‘International Service Voluntaries Association’. Afterwards they visited the commission of ‘Freedoms, law and internal affairs’. The travel to Brussels was a second leg final leg of the project ‘The refugees in Bulgaria and today’s generation responsibility’. It aimed at raising questions about the current refugee problem deriving from the Syrian Civil War and informing young people about the faith of the fleers. Their adaptation into our society constitutes not only institutional but our common social challenge.

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