Meeting – discussion with Dr. Solomon Passy

On 28.02.2016g. Student Association for the Study of International Affairs (IRRSA) had the honor to welcome a special guest prominent politician Solomon Passy. The event was held in "Little conference room" at the University of National and World Economy. The guest had prepared a special presentation, which interested attendees. He touched on issues concerning Bulgaria as the main attention turned to the topic of migration. Answer the question "Why is it happening?" By saying "Because people want to live better." Go back in the great history - from the founding of the state and proceeded to the stage of the Great Migration, and never failed to give examples and with our current position. Through graphs focus on the 17 goals of the United Nations, mentioning what to expect in his opinion in the coming years. At the end of the event everyone had the right to ask questions and find out opinion on various issues.He finished with the words: "Bulgarians are guided by crabs, but not feelings and emotions. We invest money in the process. " How would you interpreted it?

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