Students’ practices in Societe General Expressbank

Societe Generale„Every one of us has already been through a few job interviews. Most of the times we receive the following answer: „We need someone with experience“. This is the reason in the last few years there were a lot of initiatives for implementation of practical training, which came into being in Bulgaria“. With these words the chairman of IRRSA Elizabet Bozhinova opened the meeting, which purpose was to present the opportunities for students’ practices and career realization in one of the biggest foreign banks in Bulgaria – Societe General Expressbanck. Societe Generale 1The presentation of the bank began with Mr. Pavel Mihaylov from the „Human resources“ branch of the bank. He shared with the students that his education is also from the University of national and world economy. Mrs. Dentisa Trifonova, also a part of the same branch, made the participants acquainted with the structure of the bank. She said that the summer practices campaign in Societe General Expressbank is taking place for a few years now. It was also clarified that the practices are taking place in July and August and are full-time. The students become a financial reward as well as a certificate. Among the guests was Mr. Veselin Boyadzhiev, manager at the bank, who told the students about the different services, which the bank offers the young people. The chairman of Students Council in the UNWE, Mr. Antoan Shoterov, shared his opinion, that it is a question of personal motivation to take advantage of the presented opportunities.DSC_0201(2) This year Societe General Expressbank is a partner of the International Relations Research Association in the traditional Spring ball of the students from the „International Relations” department in the UNWE.

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