Visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the welcoming week

On the occasion of the new school year, for the first-year students of the Political Science Department at UNWE, the International Research Student Association started its work on the program for the “Welcoming week”. Part of the traditional program involves organizing a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which aims to familiarize curious students with their prospects for future realization. The meeting was held on the 9th of October in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where students were warmly welcomed by representatives of the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry. Mrs. Tanya Mikhaylova, director of DI, held a short lecture on the history and activities of the institute, as well as the opportunities it offers to young people. Special guest was H. Ex. Peter Vodenski, ex-ambassador of Bulgaria in Turkey, Moldova and Cyprus and now a consultant at DI. He shared in-depth stories and memories of his career and gave many fresh-hearted tips to the skills and qualities of a good diplomat, as well to the challenges for a successful career. The students understood that in order to achieve your goal you need to be truly dedicated and perhaps a little adventurous and never stop the process of self-improvement. After that, there was a brief discussion about the ideas that the young audience has to realize in this field. Mrs. Mikhaylova recommended to the students literature that they would find useful for their development. She included some titles such as “Art of War”, War of History” and “History of Wine”. The meeting ended with a small gift for the students – they received the latest editions of the Diplomatic Institute in two languages – Bulgarian and English. They also           had the opportunity to get to know from the inside the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and most importantly, the famous “Black floor”, where the Minister’s Cabinet is located.

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