Model UN: Crisis in Ukraine

Once again, Student Association for the Study of International Relations held a very useful and intriguing event - "Student Model United Nations: The crisis in Ukraine." Of course, this would not have happened without the support of our partners from the UN Association in Bulgaria. The event was held within three days (10.03.2017-12.03.2017). During the first day, they were held two lectures: Ms Marina Vladimirova, senior expert in the „Training, research and project activities“at the Diplomatic Institute, on „Etiquette and Protocol“, conducted the first. The aim of the lecture was to acquaint the participants with the label must adhere to official events and protocol specifics. All participants were able to learn something new and were caught by the large amount of small details that underlie the behavior protocol. Nikolay Neykov, founder and member of the Control Board of the Association debate - Sofia, held the second lecture. Its theme was "Public Speaking". Mr. Neykov expose the audience some basic rules and concepts in public speaking, explaining the importance of the practice - "the more often the better."   The second day began with an introductory lecture by Asst. Prof. Dr. Boiko Valchev, a respected professor at the University of National and World Economy. The participants were presented chronologically all events surrounding the crisis in Ukraine, causes and affected. After the lecture began representing, the positions of delegations followed the adoption of the topics for debate. The essence of the model was debating between delegations and discussion of all positions. The debates were very interesting and full of emotions. Time exists even during heated debate and the delegates had to disband its board and return with renewed vigor on Sunday. The third day continued from where had finished second. After the delegates were all thought out options at night reached the climax - writing and submitting a draft resolution. It was a long and complex process, which was attended by all delegations synchronizing the necessary actions of the global community to create and maintain peace. All members of the council voted on the draft resolution. This event reached its epilogue - awarding the best delegation. Since the vote was a difference of only one vote - winners were two.   Although all were tired of the laborious effort, the reward was more than satisfactory - we have fun, to learn how the United Nations Security Council and enriched their "diplomatic" skills.

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