“Bulgaria on five oceans – eight years later”

IRRSA had the honour to be the host of the meeting-discussion with Dr. Solomon Pasi, founder of the Atlantic club in Bulgaria, and now a honourable president of the club, foreign minister of Bulgaria between 2001-2005. Among the people who came was the rector of the UNWE – professor dr. of economical science Stati Statev, dean of faculty “International economics and politics” – professor dr. Antoaneta Vasileva. All the guests congratulated IRRSA for the enthusiasm they show in their recent work, professor dr. of economical science Stati Statev said that IRRSA was “the most active professional organization in the UNWE. Dr. Solomon Pasi read a lecture for the people in the “Scientific councils” room of the UNWE. Some of the questions of present interest were discussed, “the jump from the edge of outer space”, the Nobel Peace prize, relations NATO-China, the strategy of the EU for the Black sea, the need of common policies in the EU. Mr. Pasi spoke in front of the audience of the future aims and priorities of Bulgaria on its way to a better and more stable country. The students had the opportunities to learn something more about the ideas of Dr. Pasi for a far more united Europe, for the right of Internet as a main human right, for the cosmic right and the specialization of Bulgaria in the EU and NATO.


The lecture ended with a promise of greater friendship between the IRRSA and the Atlantic club and a provocative cue: “Think of what you can’t imagine on the theme of integration, and a big part of it will happen.”

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