Election campaign

"Why vote when nothing will change?", "There is no one to vote for!", "They are all similar, what's the point?".

These are all questions we hear before every election, be they parliamentary or presidential.

BUT is it really so? Do you sincerely believe that it makes no sense? That it is not up to you? That it does not depend on us?

✅ To give our vote means to think not only about our own future, but also about the future of all our loved ones, of those who do not yet possess the right to vote, of those who have given their vote but can no longer reach the polling station;

✅ To give our vote means to choose how we want to live;

✅ To give our vote means to be able to exercise the power to choose how we want our future to go, but not to use it.

Let us be responsible for our future so that we can hold accountable those we have chosen!

Let's inform ourselves - it's easy! 

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