The best model for managing a state

In the second part of the project "We are in", in which IRRSA is a partner, a workshop was held on "best governance model for the the state." President Alexander Ivanov was the moderator of the interesting workshop in which members present at IRRSA were divided into 3 groups. The formed teams had 45 minutes to come up with the most appropriate form and system of government respectively for a country that has one dominant ethnic group in a country where there are two clearly identified predominant ethnic groups, and one in which there are many, and approximately equal ethnic elements. Although the teams were troubled at times, they have carefully considered their assigned situations and formed interesting formation of government. Three teams consistently presented their ideas for managing the three separate occasions, and after each presentation a short discussion was made. After the presentation of the three teams followed a vote for the best-performing team. Winners were rewarded with interesting books from the Economic Policy Institute.

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