A Presentation of the Internship Programs of the Global Compact Network of the UN in Bulgaria

On 25.10.2012 because of the great interest for the second year in room 2032A in UNWE was led a presentation about the internship opportunities of the Global compact network of the UN in Bulgaria in partnership with IRRSA. This contract network unites solid, internationally represented companies, which develop their corporative policy around the virtues of corporative-social responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable development.  And if some people find unusual the way that “virtues” and CSR and Sustainable development are connected, the socially responsible business puts some clarity on the question. It is about a corporative responsibility to the contemporary society, which helps the Sustainable development of the future generations, and to help preventing the chaotic exhaustion of the different resources. The ones who carried out the presentation were Mr. Stoyan Turlakov, HR and person in change of “Internship programs” in “Overgas”, and Mrs. Marina Stoyanova, CEO of BNGC of the UN. The representative of “Overgas” acquainted all the people who were present with the opportunities for internship that the company provides. “Overgas” is a member of the BNGS of the UN and tries to work socially responsible in the name of the Sustainable development. Its intern academy is about to start for the fifth year in a row. Students will have the chance to apply through the platform “Young Bulgaria” (interns 2012). In 24 hours each one who registered will gain access to three individual tests, which he has to pass (general knowledge, personal characteristics and professional characteristics).  The start of the internship is in June and according to the needs of the managers in “Overgas” they can last from 1 to 3-4 months (you get paid for the internship). A big plus is that if an intern shows promise and if a manager likes the way he works the intern could be invited to stay and work for the company.

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