IRRSA in the National Assembly

Members of IRRSA  held a discussion meeting in one of the halls of the National Assembly with the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Dobroslav Dimitrov. The meeting was held on the festive 9th of May and was very helpful to all members who were able to participate. Mr. Dimitrov began, marking the main functions of the Commission, its structure, then introduced the attending students with the current problems which the agency is working on . The short exposé of MP followed by interesting questions from students. The topics discussed were mostly related to the problems of Bulgaria to join the Schengen , the positions of our country in what is happening in Syria and the Middle East, as well as numerous problems in the EU lately.   GERB MP believes that the main problem for Bulgaria's accession to Schengen is a negative attitude that a country like the Netherlands . According to Dimitrov, Bulgaria has met 100% of the requirements for the Schengen area as early as 2011 , but the absurdity of XXI century, the behavior of the Netherlands is the only reason our country is still to be outside the Schengen area , says the chairman of KVPO . He described the attitude towards Bulgaria in the case as unfair and as a manifestation of double standards , considering the state of the other countries have adopted the Schengen area. The MP added that as a member of NATO and the EU, Bulgaria is normal to follow their policy by promoting its implementation. After being widely discussed and debated in the public domain topics for Belene, the crisis in Greece and Turkey's accession to the EU, Mr Dimitrov attempt to forecast the future of the EU. Chairman of KVPO believes that the EU will emerge from the crisis more integrated than disintegration, which will empower the Union to continue to new horizons of development.

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