Students’ Science Conference |

the participantsOn the 23rd of May 2014 in „Nauchni saveti“ hall in the UNWE a Students science conference took place and over 50 students from the „International relations“ subject participated. The event was organized by IRRSA in cooperation with the „International relations“ department and Students Council in the university.

The round table was competitive in its nature, as the participants were put together in twelve teams preliminary. Every one of them had the opportunity to present its work on different problems of the day, concerning international, national, social and other branches of the modern day society. The conference offered a chance for the students to put in practice what they have learned in the „Foreign affair analysis and prognostication“.Elizabeth Bozhinova gives the certificates to the participants

The fourth year students showed professionalism, using a variety of different methods and sources for their researches, as well as the imagination needed to come up with such subjects as: „The women style of leadership is more efficient in the field of modern day politics“, „Ushering the electronic voting will increase the voting activity amongst the Bulgarian population“, „Internet as a factor for creating a new type of masses“, „The world today is much more equally matched than 500 years ago“, „Sports – the best way to build a character“, „The referendums do not lead to a more competent governing“ and others.the Jury The presented researches were commented on and evaluated by the jury of Evgeniya Vasileva (PhD, Assistant professor), Boyan Hadzhiev (Phd, Assiestent), Kiril Yurukov (PhD in Comparison of integration models), Sevdana Docheva (PhD in Inequality, poverty and new technologies) and Mihaela Aleksandrova (PhD in Psychological models in the politics behavior). The students also had the opportunity to comment on the work of their colleagues. Every one of the participants was awarded a participation certificate and the three teams, whose researches got the highest marks, were discharged from the exam in the „Foreign affair analysis and prognostication“ subject with an excellent mark. These were:
  1. „Virago“ team: „The Bulgarian people don’t know and keep the Christian team "Deseo"doctrines“
  2. „Multicultural“ team: „Penitentiary in Bulgaria is an ineffective measure, because of the social rejection“
  3. „Deseo“ team: „Legalizing light drugs and prostitution increases the standard of living in Latin America“
All researches will be published in a literary medley, which will come out later this year. The participants extended their gratitude towards the organizers and encouraged the representatives from the IRRSA and the UNWE to work in cooperation in organizing such events in the future as well.

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