Cooperation between IRRSA and Mentors BG

On June 21, 2017 a cooperation agreement was signed between IRRSA  and the youth platform „Mentors BG”. This is a project whose goals are to improve the skills and abilities of young people in Bulgaria so that they will confidently find their place in the Bulgarian business, politics or finances. The initiative was taken by Kaloyan Georgiev and Dimitar Stoyanov, two Bulgarian students abroad, whose aim is to create contacts and relations between the students with leading experts in the areas they study or are excited about. The program strives for the personal growth of candidates by providing personal meetings between mentors and students through which young and talented candidates will gain confidence, valuable experience, engagement and competence. Our common beliefs and goals are directed towards the professional development of candidates by communicating them with experts in the given fields, including not only our academic community and the field but also other areas such as finance, business, law, IT sector. In the future, we will work together on these objectives to aid the young generation, who will believe that tomorrow will be brighter than today, and will work diligently, with courage and hope for a better, safer, yet challenging work environment.

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