Members of IRRSA in Turkey

Between 8 to 18 April 2016. four members of IRRSA participated in the project Erasmus + on the theme "Conflict between generations." The project was held in Fethiye, Turkey gathered awake and positive young people from Romania, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. The organization was sustained at a very high level, the purpose of activities and discussions was to find a bridge between generations. The project has helped us to rediscover again the dialogue with the "other" - different by age, showing us that the differences are not flaw and variety and diversity. It brought our way of thinking beyond stereotypes and we proved that the division into groups by any criteria is detrimental to us. Teach us how to expand their social contacts and how to better know each other. Revealed to us the techniques of non-verbal communication and creating friendships despite the distance, age, sex, education. The venue also was not accidental selected- Fethiye still bears the scars of the clash between two civilizations Byzantine and Ottoman. Tombs of the fourth century walls of twelfth and ruins of ancient cities us back to the days of this collision. All four members of IRRSA were pleased by the opportunity that Erasmus + enables to participate in such a useful and educational social, cultural and life exchange.

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