Youth round table “The conflict in Syria and the subsequent fleeing”

Student Association for the Study of International Relations for the year organized a youth roundtable examining issues affecting one of the current problems at the moment. The theme of this year's round table was "The conflict in Syria and the subsequent refugee wave." The event was held on 20.11.2015g. 11: 00h. in "Little conference room" in  University of National and World Economy. The roundtable took place in two panels, each of which involved six students from various universities in Bulgaria. In the first panel, the students address issues concerning political, economic and military dimension of the conflict, and the second panel gave voice to issues related to refugee wave, its consequences, the difficulties of integration of refugees and prejudices of Bulgarian society towards them. Expert jury attended the event, ask questions to the participants and assess developments. In the first panel winner was Isabella Lazova with development entitled "Predictions for the future of the conflict and a possible exit from the crisis in Syria." The first place of the second panel was awarded to Denitsa Videva a report entitled "Volunteering and refugees - difficulties lessons and hope." The winning students had the honor to present developments at the conference organized by the Department of "International Relations" a week later on 27.11.2015.

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