IRRSA Students Took Part in the International Project Euro-Sportsmatic

PolandIn the end of August three of the students of International relations research student association (IRRSA) took part in an international project in Krakow, Poland. It was organized by the Polish non-governmental organization “Universum”. The project took place between 23-27th of August and the topic was “Euro-sporstmatic”. Hristiana, Georgi and Hristo had the possibility to discuss the influence of sport in a modern person’s life with students from five different countries- Poland Lithuania, Spain, Turkey and Romania. Poland1The participants presented their countries and the sporting achievements of some of their countrymen and held a number of workshops and discussions on various topics. The Bulgarian team presented a report on "Racism in Sport" together with the team from Turkey. The program gave participants the opportunity to visit various sites in the city, and to get acquainted with the traditions of young people from other countries.

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