Welcoming week

10744975_859935990683866_648976526_nAnd this year IRRSA has welcomed freshmen students from “Political Science”. Representatives  of two organizations from the discipline (IRRSA & Ego Politico) had made a speech in front of fellow students from the first year , on the first day of the session – the 15th September. They were shown shortly how the organizations function and were congratulated on the decision on applying and studying in UNWE’s “Political Science”. "Welcoming week" traditionally includes two visits to the institutions of authority . This year they were in the Representation of the European Commission and the Information Centre of the European Parliament in Bulgaria and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and the meeting with the Director of the Diplomatic Institute. 10515755_996139010403678_291385946_oIn the Infocenter about 60 freshmen had the opportunity to learn about the many options for traineeships within the European the program "Erasmus +". Everyone had the opportunity to obtain information as requested materials issued both Bulgarian and foreign EU languages. Visit the Foreign Ministry began with a meeting between students and staff of CI, held in "Antarctica". Representatives of the two student organizations presented a brief history and their activities, then Director of DI, Ms. Tanya Mihaylova, introduce guests in the history, structure and functions of the Institute. Were presented and areas such as training of Bulgarian and foreign diplomats and government officials, public lectures, conferences, national and international collaborations, publishing.10583697_996138993737013_829241059_n The students showed particular interest in youth initiatives such as the internship program and essay contest. There was a lively discussion in which the team of the Institute and young audience discussed topics such as foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Bulgaria, the profession diplomat - its contemporary dimension, application and necessary competence and career opportunities in the structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Were made forecasts for Bulgaria's role in a changing international order and increasingly evolving technological society. In the end the team of the Diplomatic Institute received diplomas of gratitude. During the visit the students looked at the Ministry and the Library of the Diplomatic Institute.10728563_859935260683939_531160401_n

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